When we bought our property it had six rows of traditional table grape varieties. Unfortunately they have been planted in a rather randomised way, apparently, we were told, due to the previous owner getting a little help from the relatives…..

We have chosen to keep these grapes, as they have a definite following. They are clearly more full of flavour than newer varieties, though this does come at the cost of having pips!

We do pick-your-on grapes in season, check our Facebook page for details – Fantail Grove on Facebook.

We have found that maintenance of grapes is much higher than our other plants. They need regular trimming, and some of the varieties in particular are highly susceptible to powdery mildew. This is made worse by our determination to grow as organically as we can. The only sprays used are copper based or sulphur (both to control mildew), or trace elements.

Grape Varieties


  • Chasselas
  • July Muscat


  • Iona


  • Albany Surprise


Table Grape Photos


Grapes - Chasselas


Grapes - July Muscat
July Muscat


Grapes - Iona Iona

Grapes - Albany Surprise
Albany Surprise