Olive Picking 2012

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Below you will find photos from our 2012 picking. This was an odd year. We started picking a week later than usual, realised that it was still way too soon, and had to stall everyone for several weeks. Thanks for hanging on in there. We think a combination of low sunshine hours and an initially dry autumn slowed ripening down.

First Weekend

Warning - teenagers at work - 1st Weekend Saturday 1
Warning – teenagers at work. The work part is good but the chatter….

Twig Removal - first weekend
Twig removal on the first day. Before each crating-up it pays to remove any larger bits the press’s leaf blower may not remove.

Above the call of duty? A long way up!
Above the call of duty? A long way up!

Loading the tractor
Loading the tractor.

Second Weekend – Several Weekends Later

Don't stand there - move that net!
Don’t stand there – move that net! Momentarily distracted by the photographer.

w2_Twig removal
Twig removal continues.

Third Weekend

A leaf shaker?
Our main-man on the branch shaker this year. Seemed to be more leaves coming down this year than normal, maybe because picking was so late.

The increased leaf fall made us try something new – using a couple of garden blowers to blow off some of the leaves as we decanted into the bins. At a guess removed more than half the leaves. Though the local presses include their own leaf removal blower, you pay by weight for everything you deliver.

Fourth Weekend

Punk worker
A punk volunteer? No, but that’s what the beanie says!

Imported labour?
Our Texan/Hawaiian immigrant workforce…a visiting friend helping out.

Dressed for the worst
Dressed for the worst weather, but it wasn’t too bad – it didn’t hail…..

Dragging the nets between rows.

Rain - wot rain?
Dressed for the rain that never really arrived…

The M-team
Our secret weapon, or parts of it, the M-team.