Olive Picking 2013

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These are the photos from our 2013 picking. As usual this was not a usual year. After a long dry summer the crop ripened on time, but there just wasn’t that much. As a result picking was restricted to two weekends

First Weekend

These people look familiar - from the back!
These people look familiar – from the back!

Branch Shaker
Branch Shaker at work. Flying olives…

A river of olives
A river of olives.

Featherston Press
The Featherston Press.

Second Weekend – Two Weeks Later

More familiar backs
More familiar backs. It’s hard to photo faces when people are picking.

Sparse Frantoio.
Lots of leaf came down while picking the sparse Frantoio.

Prototype leaf blower
This year we trialed a new prototype leaf blower. Sorry this is the only photo we took of it!

36kg of removed leaves
36kg of removed leaves from an estimated 220kg of olives. While the olives presses have a built in leaf remover, we pay for the delivered weight. We don’t want to pay for leaves.

Dinner weekend two
Dinner on weekend two.