Olive Picking 2015

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Below photos from our 2015 picking. Following last years bumper crop, this year’s crop was always going to be small.

Picking was restricted to three days over two weekends

First Weekend – Saturday

Dynamic Duo.
Our two most reliable pickers were here!

Masked Climber.
A well masked climber. It’s no good hiding in the tree, we know who you are!

Tractor and Friend.
The tractor and her friend.

Lots of olives.
Some areas of Barnea delivered lots of olives, despite the bad season.

Late in the day.
Even late in the day they keep picking.

First Weekend – Sunday

New heights.
Reaching new heights.

Smile for the camera.
Hey, look over there (and smile for the camera).



Second Weekend – Saturday

Net movement.
Net movement. We always need a pool of keen helpers to keep the nets moving.

Long lost picker returns.
Our long lost picker returns, and bringing help too!

Olive Herding.
Olive Herding. Channeling the olives along the net to make a single pile for de-twigging and crating.

Last tree!
Last tree! Yep, we even picked the tree by the front gate.